In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2021

(Saturday - Monday)2nd - 4th October 2021

(Friday - Sunday)8th - 10th October 2021

Dead End House

Garden No 3 - DeadEnd House, 32 Fitzroy Street
Courtesy Robert Brain and Neal Blewett

This is a garden dominated by trees, sometimes overwhelmingly so.    As trees often resist discipline, the garden has a natural disobedient air. Running wild under the trees are a host of ground covers - lamium, periwinkle, woodruff, indigofera - and shade loving plants like clivias and hellebores as well as under-tree space fillers such as acanthus, agapanthus and a variety of ferns. A towering deodar and a majestic copper beach mark the entrance to the garden, while to the right is an ancient silver birch in a grove of weeping maples bordered by camellias, pieris and rhododendrons. 

Down the gravel drive a tunnel effect is created by a flowering crabapple, rowans and tulip trees on one side and espaliered camellias on the other with a large strawberry tree at the end. Beyond is the formal vegetable garden and a mosaic pergola covered with a wild array of climbing plants - wisteria, pandorea, roses and clematis. Bordering the pergola amidst the acanthus are the most exotic of plants, Mexican lilies, of semi-tropical provenance now flourishing in the time of global warming.

To the right of the strawberry tree is a lawn terrace with maples, a flowering pistachio and two giant cottonwoods. From the terrace, steps, paths and yellow bridges lead down through beds with an eclectic mixture of trees, shrubs and flowering plants, both native and exotic, to a pond covered with water fern and lilies.  Here under the welcome shade of a fine claret ash is another place to relax and contemplate the exuberant garden at DeadEnd.

Directions to DeadEnd House