In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2022
We’re back!

Sat-Tues 1st to 4th October

Garden No 7 - Hill of Grace, 52 Sublime Point Road
Garden courtesy of Sue and Brett

The garden was created in the 1970s by Keith Knox, with “crazy paving” stone paths and walls being used to cut across a remarkably steep, east-facing site at the back of the property. The resulting vertical garden is simultaneously beautiful and challenging. 

The steep gradient brings the plantings very close to eye level creating a feeling of intimacy, which is juxtaposed against the distant views into Jamieson Valley and the enormity of the opposing Kedumba Walls. 

Most plants within the garden are very mature, with maples, azaleas, rhododendrons and camelias being used extensively. Plants in Hill of Grace are kept tightly trimmed to give a very sculpted look, reinforcing the Japanese influence created by the plantings. 

The current owners, along with landscape gardener, Dan Townes, have recently renovated the northern courtyard and front garden, adding more azaleas and camellias, a Cercis tree, a standard copper beech, blue Spruce, Japanese plum yews and a Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergia).

Hill of Grace has lived up to its name during the Covid pandemic, providing a sanctuary against fear and uncertainty which have sadly become commonplace.  Spending time in the garden and observing nature reminds me that beauty and wonderment can be found in the simplest of natural occurrences. Rainbows, lightening, autumnal leaves, budding flowers, birds and even buzzing bees have given moments of joy, grounding me, and giving perspective within the whirlwind of Covid.

With the breaking of the drought, Hill of Grace is full of life and looking its best. We hope that you too will experience the peace that can be found in our garden.


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